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0mg its a chicken

Hey guys I just wanted to know how to take a screen shot of homeworld in-game.  I know normal screen shots are print screen and paste on paint, but that doesn't work for me in hw2.  Any tips?


official site.

i think u can get a craked one. hehe

Homeworld2 comes with an in-game screenshot feature. How you do it?

1. Start Homeworld 2
2. Go to options >> Controls
3. Scroll all the way down until you see 'Screenshot'
4. Click it and set a key for it. One that isn't use by other controls.
5. Click 'Apply'

Everytime you press the set key it will take a screenshot. Screenshots will be saved to this folder:


Screenshots are 800x600 and in .JPEG format.


well, im just stupid. blackeye

Naw Fraps works too, I use it myself as well to record Hw2 footage, but it's just I like the ss function in Hw2 better.

Microsoft Key and "Print Screen" works while in game..then just goto word and paste it in!!!!

Wildheart thx so much lol.

Thx for your help too zippo!

Wildheart, when ever i play a game and use the screen shot key i assigned, it doesn't take, because i look in screenie folder and tis empty.  So i go back to options, and check and it keeps setting the screen shot button to scroll lock.  I always click apply when i set it to f8 to idk whats wrong.

yay it worked.....thx guys

did yo u get shots of the poop ,pee ,burp game Elf?

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pardon me

That was before i found out how to take shots mad :(

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