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Hi peeps!,

Good knoews, i've heard these days we could have a new story with Hw; Indeed it could be a new chapter called HW3!!!

Links bellow:

(in french )

(in english)

:wink: see ya and enjoy!

WOW. Just WOW. We might have a chance of A hw3 being released again :D

wow, that sounds great... :wink:
thanks for information of the game we wait about.. :lol: :lol: :lol:

this are very good news but i will ahve to change my comp i think to play hw3 that's not great because my parents aren't so rich :(

related topic -
hmm, alx4, open a paypal account, just ask for the cost around, and u will prolly get instant 100 bucks pooled from good guys around... no big deal imo.

hideki could you please say what you said to me in differents words i don't enderstand half of what you said to me


ah lol. ok.

You know what a paypal is? check here for wikipedia. in short, it's an online money transfer system, so, if you have an account (through your credit card or something) in there, someone else with their own paypal account can easily send you money...

so, i just thought, if you're in short of money to get a new game that you would play together with us, some cool dudes can just wire you some money and you will easily get the game... (at least i can certainly get some pooled if you need it, im sure some rich genesis would give u enough :lol: )

ahh ok thx hideki but im not really so short at money but my parents are just building a house so i have to save it for other things as a new computer but i could try to change the grafik card its the only thing that is shit on my comp

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