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A long long time ago, in a country far far away...

There was a guy whose nickname was Vivi....

That guy was a first class spammer who loved hw2 lobby....

One day his hw2 CD broken apart....along with his hearth...

After that he ran away and was never seen again....

Now....HE IS BACK! (i wish with a new hw2 CD....but i cant have everything)

So...after this (long) break i want to know...

HOW ARE U GUYS???!!! :lol:


- I've been playing one Space MMORPG (if u dont know what it is...imagine playing hw2 with even better graphics, but u only command one ship. and u can do whatever u want, in a massive universe) called EVE Online.

I play it with Mik, MiniEvil and Gem....The game is very addictive so u guys would love it...

You can have a 14 days trial for free...and if u want to play more time...u can either spend your pennys or buy with money from game (ISKs).

I'm not gonna spoil it anymore so....just join the game so we can make a big CORP...:p

I'm looking forward to see news from u guys...Mister "It's SPAM time" Vivi

Hw2's been ever so peaceful since :p
Can you Please break EVE too :?:

yeeeee! we are growing!

welcome back vivi i'm a new one but not on hw2 i was in DuCk clan before

lol YOU are on EVE; HUM sounds to be an addict game; i'm not sure i would try this even if i've heard graphics are fantastic; problem with these game is u spend too much time and it's endless...there is a life after a computer :evil:

       GENESIS CLAN Forum Index -> General Discussion
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