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I saw a new game today, maybe interesting to play with.


here is the link for the game :

See Ya :-D

lets see...

heard about it 1 week ago but never had a look in it

how about marvel ultimate alliance i have for psp

if any EVE online is by far the best for peeps like us. we could also have a corporation of our own.

the only problem - it takes all your time pretty much. just look what happened to Gem. He spends 3-4 hours a day each day/

if you have any questions about the game or in need of assistance in jump startin things up lemme know I'd be glad to help whenever I can.

Been playing eve online since early 2003 and have 4 accounts.

Be aware tough the game have a serious learning curve and is a social life killer and a severe time drain. I'm not kidding guyz...

You will need to be very councious as to how you manage your gaming time cause if you are not carefull 4 hours will pass as one and 10 hours will pass as 4 easily.


eve mail me as Sasha D when decide to try it out.

yep i can admit EVE need some control of ur personal time, but if u do that it is fun game ytou can play whenu like to and while you not playing your skills anyways going up.
I playing 1h-3h per day, 1 day i not playing it at all (thursday) and one day in week (Saturday) i playing alot.

Its very fun game with very fun comunity and veru hight medium player age (i heard it 25-27 yo), much of them married and have really nice jobs

Its very ... somewhat cruel game ... but really best u can find options/pvp/gameplay wise.

I am new to EVE though but atm i am member of one of most .... wild alliances in the game , Goonswarm.

I'd advise you to browse some youtube and watch some lowquality movies..... even this will amaze you if u see it 1st time

wow..Gem, long time no see, how have ya been? :lol:

:P i reading this forum somtimes, madcows reminded me it.....

well i playing EVE only and btw there are news , today will be relised new expansion (big-mega patch) with new stuff , outpost/space station warfare and etc.

so just try and join, it should be very fun and this game rocks really..... only thing - i have mentioned b4 - this one need control of ur social life and time you spend for it.....if u do so it is really cool.

for ones who have doubts just go see some movies read some stuff about it.

As mentioned also, anyone who will want some protection over there and want to taste all aspects of this game from start i advise not to lick balls but go and become citizen of one of player-created alliances.
(Please dont join BOB side !!!)

Places recomended to go: French guys - Tau Ceti Federation, Russian talking - Red Alliance or Against all Authorities, and at finally English talking - Goonswarm.
(Yep , it called Southern Coalition all-together, So just join any part of it, whatever it is)

so having intencive real life + some community i got involved intensily (fleet actions, maintaining roles at some moon orbiting station, resereach projects) in EVe i not playing hw anymore......

but that not means i not visiting this forum :P

How about "Supreme Commander" play this game someone ?

i play command and conquer 3 and my computer isnt good enough for genesis rising my grafik card doesn't support it

what for a card had you,Alx4 ?

i have a Geforce 6200 LE 128 MB DDR

lol i got a ati 128 m ddr

so you cant play this game too we need a 256MB graphik card

Rofl :(

I wanna buy me a ATI 512MB :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

i think i waiting 1/2 years then i buy me a new comp adn thats it i don't wanna pay to much for a graphik card that would be shit in 2 years again


if you buy a good one(Graphic card), you must be able to use for more than 2 years though.. :wink:

try getting the GeForce 8600 GTS 512Mb card. Pretty good, last you for a while, but not break-the-bank kind of stuff

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