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any one here good with vayger

i feel like playin with vayger more cuz it seems now of days to many people pla with higgy anyone here that is good with vayger and could train me some more on it i would be thankful


can u get the timer stuff :?:  :?:

if yes just say something :roll:

I never heard of the 'Vayger'....I only am familiar with the 'Vaygr' but that must be a different race ;)

lol thats wat i ment vaygr also i didnt get timer

Then get an in-game timer, it's realy helpful with timing rushes etc.

Goes into your \Homeworld2\Bin directory.

it goes in were and alos this is all im puttin in it right or that whole thing wild

local time = Universe_GameTime();
local h = floor(time/3600.0);
local m = floor(time/60.0 - h*60);
local s = time - m*60 - h*3600;
local str = format("Time: %2.0fh %2.0fm %3.1fs",h, m, s)
dr_text2d("timer",0.0,0.98,str, 255,255,255)

Don't edit the file yourself, just move it to the appropriate spot and it'll work.

ok so were does it go like i juss past in the bin\release

Just place it in the \Homeworld2\Bin directory and leave it there. If you play a game now you should see a timer somewhere atop the screen.

so go there and paste  the code

i downloaded the timer :) helps me out alot

ZO wrote:
so go there and paste  the code

Seriously, that made me wonder if you even know how scripting is done...

So, you download the file. Do not open or edit it. Just place the file as you got it when you downloaded it in your \Homeworld2\Bin directory. Either move it there OR right click the file -> copy, go into the \bin directory and paste it there.

Hope it helps.

idk scripting no but um download it no one told me that so its a file after u down load it and u juss move it were do i download it

When I post up a link to a file it sounds like common sense to me that you download it....I've already repeated myself enough times, so if it won't work screw it. I can't explain it clearlier than I did above.

hi zo good playing with you =)

anytime you like we can do a 2v2 i can show a few builds

1v1 is a good intro to vay as well

if you wanna talk to about builds post in the mothership forums

good luck and see you around

ok illll post there

there are many hw perfect vagy players in genesis and even more perfect not in genesis........ wouldt go it to 1v1 tho ......... higy rulez and 1v1

lol i kno islisis tells of how u own him in 1v1 every time

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