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back... with internet in these parts of the woods

damn it took a while... but i finally got internet here (and no kami, not that friggin ultramodern 100Mbit shit you promised but pathetic student 2Mbit dsl...this uni sucks!!!), so gonna catch up with everyone!

only pooter is a fujitsu p1610 tablet convertible at the moment, integrated graphics chipset and teeny display but it will be for some hw2 laffs until i get that 30inch monitor i've been after when my exams are over :PP

i got some photos up from my travels so far in japan, it was good but next couple months i have to concentrate on this stupid entrance exam... but that's ok cos there is nothing else to do in tsukuba, the city i live! fortunately, though, it is only 45mins by train to the megapolis they call tokyo....

hope to see you guys soon! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

islisis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! welcome back..hehe

welcome back at home isly i'm a new genesis


Nice to see u again!!

damn... i think i was away for too long again :P
probably bad timing everyone busy... and damn, i should be busy, got entrance exams too in just a couple months
but the lure of 24 hour internet partying is simply too strong :P
too strong for this now living in the country boy... anyhow if anyone fancies losing a game thanks to my non-existent skills, i would like to fit in a couple in the next month
kami, get on trillian dammit hisasiburi sugiru yo :P

soudayona..^^; nihongo umaku itteru?

i bet you are finr with japs, and now you are enjoying whatever you do in japan. right? :wink:
anyway good luck with your entrance exam man.. :wink:

oops trillian janakute msn :PP

i don't know if my japanese is any better because i haven't learnt that many new words! just been practicing what i already knew i guess... i think watching dramas is still the best learning material for me though :P

all i'm enjoying is browsing the internet again at the moment :P mainly staying at home all day trying to study for the stupid exams
every second weekend i get to have some fun in tokyo of course... but it's not the same as living there... ahh doushiyou

after august everything will be much better ki ga suru hehe

u should memorize a lot of vocab.. :wink:

       GENESIS CLAN Forum Index -> General Discussion
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