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Cern + two vs GENESIS

cern wrote:

Tekkyhead (smurf), Hellzsaint (noob) Cern (chief pwner ) vs Rosie, XBomber and Zippo, map was Fallen Lords, everyone was Hiig besides Rosie I think.

Untill 5 minutes ago I was pretty sure that Tekkyhead is MiniEvilGenesis, but I just remembered that I didn't ask him about his identity. And since Mini is a Genesis as well, it might even be that I didn't play with Mini at all, so basically I have no idea.. -_- Only thing I'm sure about is that it was a very good player...

Since the map is a very fast paced one, Tekky and me (who were in the front) went for a fast fighter rush, Rosie and Zippo (also in the front if I'm not mistaken) went for fighters as well. But Tekky and me quickly won ''air'' superiority with some decent coordination and microing, but we also had an advantage of having slightly more fighters. As soon as we won the int fight, we of course started to attack collectors while Zippo and Rosie kept rebuilding their int fleet, but they kept their units docked of course.

It looked very good for us at this point because we clearly dominated in the fighter departement. But now bomber started to torp Tekkys and my backpatch, so we had to do a combination of running our colls and getting our ints back to hunt the torps down.

But in the end the torp didn't do too much damage. However despite our best efforts to kill as many colls as possible, they started to get out alot of flaks very soon, maybe they did adv mod transfer but I don't know... Their 6 to 8 flaks completely shut down the middle and we couldn't use our fighters there anymore and had to switch to frigs as well. So I send my swarm on a quick repair route and then moved them around the map to hit XBomber's back patches.

Luckily I was also able to pop two ions at a time when they only had one and several flaks plus 2 torps I think. With Tekky also going adv frigs we were able to hold ourself in the middle without having to retreat and after some time were starrting to overpowere their frigs.

The only two things we had to take care of at this moment were
1. not losing our fighters
2. killing Rosie's lasers

Well long story short, we kept popping colls with ints, saved our ions from the lasers and the game soon ended.

You might wonder what our third player was doing, I somehow forgot to mention him in this match report so far -_- . The only thing I really remember is that he also went for fighters, but he was a little slow with that... I think he killed some colls here and some fighers there, but nothing spectacular. I don't even know what he did after going for interceptors... But that may be simply down to me being stoned at the time. -_-

But this game had everything you could wish for, it was very fast, it was even and we had to do ALOT of microing to win it. It went forth and back several times and could have gone the other way as well.

It simply was a fantastic game and I'd like to thank everyone who contributed! -_-

-- P.S. --

Tekky recycled his fighters at some point, and apparently those get counted as ''lost ships'' in the statistics..


we need to be more coordinated; that's the reason of the defeat :wink:

hi zippy and Rosie and hi smurfy EVIL :twisted:


That was a gg!!

btw, i was Vaygr... damm :)

Damn that sounds like an vgg. Missed those for too long now. Last vgg I had was 2 months or so ago on FX, game lasted 3 hours or so. Well, we'll play u bunch once, too ;)

Captain Eirikr, out

GUys get your ass bacj to hw 2 and play FX!

Lmao Levi hahaha

i wasnt in that game , but cern gives me some credit even tho he maybe never played vs me

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