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this is gona be shame desk. the reason i anounce this forim is cos was badly cheated in game, my enemy were Jack Oneil SGC and some balanga. They were rotating BCs which proved to be imposible to kill. They were nierly finished when i first mentioned that cos i couldnt kill 1bc with 15ions 1def field and 1bc, latter on when the game was in make or break we had final middle battle they had 5bc covered by frigs and dds and we picked one BC to strike. we concentrate 2x20 ions and 3BC covered DEF field frigs to kill single bc i mentioned before and he left 100% energy after battle. It means they didnt lose single bc. I was mad and quited cos their bcs kept jumping from 20% up to 100%back again. Thats why they kept only 5 bc to rotate and never die. SUX Jack_O_Neil SGC and balanga

They must have been using the sleaziest trick in HW2.

Anyone caught using this exploit deserves to be called a cheater, because that's what it is.

Sharing research is one thing, but the replenish BC health bug is quite another. I'm assuming that's the exploit you're talking about? If somebody has l2 bc that is nearly dead, and they xfer it to somebody with lvl 1 bc research, the bc gets full health again.

Otherwise I'm not sure how else they could have accomplished that. It's a well known trick and a good strategy to turn a Hiig BC back-to so that another hiig bc will hit only the engines - that's not really a cheat or even a bug, just good bc micro.

Cheaters sux. I understand to do it by mistake or transfer bc in case make new ones. But not exploit.

       GENESIS CLAN Forum Index -> General Discussion
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