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Edit build time

I was palying 1 player 1v1 fallen lords and he was having poping  out his ions every 10 s of his mom think he had ion build time edited. I think so as i had enough rus to build them and i also had advanced production reserched but i was like twice slower, tho i still won the game as i knocked his frig subs off but i was shocked how ppl cheat now. This may explain some so called skilled quick dd build at 1v1 when its realy not possible to make it that quick. i was used to be realy realy skilled at this game and it never came to mind that it maybe this kind ruined. Then it kills the game if its realy happening.

If anyone had notices plz lets dicuss it as i may be wrong somewhere i realy hope

       GENESIS CLAN Forum Index -> General Discussion
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