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ello all it's kami~!

i want to talk to you guys about SKY|GENESIS| this time.

he isn't good yet it means he don't know how to play hw2 yet..

but he is in our clan from few days ago so we have to traning for him get

better..when you meet him in hw2 lobby please help to traning for


Admiral Bromly

I would have helped to train him, but I am no longer playing HW2 as regularly as usual and we had a battle while back, from memory it was a very close battle.

eirikr knows

this is a very old topic (kami's post was in febuary, soon after the clan got a site :shock: ), but eirikr will know how good sky is as he's had some battle with him and such i think

Lol. Since Bromly can't SPAM or bump on my forum i guess he'll try here instead :P

Btw are we talking about the same Sky_Monster? He beat our own Admiral with a BC rush few weeks ago... :?
Admiral Bromly

He had only bcs nothing else.
Me, i had lots of fighters corvettes some frigs and DDs.

That and the map was dodgy, i couldn't move all my ships, so he picked of alot with not ressistance

       GENESIS CLAN Forum Index -> General Discussion
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