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High guys,

The FX mod is the best mod out there and is really an extension of the regular HW game. Many new kinds of attacks are still being developed and we learn more about the game everytime we play. The forum for this mod is here:

The lastet news is that they are adding more ship mods and the Benrtusi will included with the next update. Also, this mod is still being updated and the latest news is that a 2 more updates are forthcoming. 1.72 and 1.8!!! WOW....can't wait. I have enjoyed playing with the newer players such as Gem and Islisis (Izzy). Watch out for GEMS cloaked Azrael!!!!!!

I beat Gem twice heheheh. his tricks didnt work on me. Proxies to counter his bloodie Az fighters and he jumped into my Taiidan Gw field and i had my prog ally kill off his CC's that jumped and i got double HC out. Pwned!

Bah noobie, but how much ppl lost to me, yep when you smurfed i losted to you cause i was just too careless.

Yes my bloody Az's do damage Yep,

I also think we should Arrange some Race descriptions and Tactic stuff + Techs.

Each Race have its way to pown others, and each one have "different" Concept to play.

I advice to learn all to play good.

Also - there is balance in Fx, even may be more than in reg 1.1 (in reg 1.1 Hiig frigs on Shield unbeatable).

I will be glad if Levi and OJ and another GEN's and non-GEN's will help to describe each race profile and techs guide.

Its very fun mod and really advanced hw2 playing.


sure they do -_-

OJ, how are ya?

Great you guys opened this thread, FX is the best mod EVAR!!!!! :-D

At the official are several new images or re-modeled ships...i'll post them in their respective forums.

I have been playing some awesome FX games as of late. I have been trying several different strategies, depending on the opponent and agree with GEM on employing strats. I have been playing 1v1's and most of the people choose Kadeshi and perform a Mica rush. The best attack I've seen is when they hyper over w/ 1 mica and make the other as soon as it arrives. I play Prog so this is a very effective attack and my start against it is ever still evolving but this is what I have done. I max out collectors (Crimson 1v1) and rush keepers (2). Then i make Aresnal ships and cloak my 2 cc's while moving them away from normal location. If u can get the keeper out u can keep enuff distance between u and them to get the arsenals out....I also have rushed dds but is harder if no grav to stop their hypering. Oh well good luck and happy fx'ing....Hi Kami!

       GENESIS CLAN Forum Index -> FX mod
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