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All FX-Progenitor Questions, Discussions, Descriptions Plz post here

heres a dumb question what is it? lol

Lol, well i will try to explain
But further not-race related discussions make in dif treads...
FX is HW2 modification , and its relatively new BUT ALREADY VERY POPULAR AND ITS REALLY ADVANCEMENT OF hw2 game

This is link to download it:

Then install it to Hw2 dir, start new icon to play.


It have 6 races not 2 as was in hw2, all are different.
Look forum for race info, strats, changes.

speaking of the prog they are best at frig rushes and their fighters arent bad at all. They excel on large maps and on multiple ru patches. Getting a DN is definitly worth the cost for its firepower.

I'm da Prog man and u know this! Go Keeper/Arsenals baby....3 arsenals can take down Dread ez and u can transfer to peeps and make Gate required...

       GENESIS CLAN Forum Index -> FX mod
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