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All FX-Taiidan Questions, Discussions, Descriptions Plz post here

My favorite rush is either the Taiidan CC rush on small maps against enemies whose coll armor is 2k or less. CC will instantly kill a kad coll with one shot. I just pwned Synlias wiht that in a 1v1 on shield. Ate his colls alive. ANd on larger maps either a inters to quad ions or inters to double hc and double ion pump. real nice rush.

Re-modeled Taiidani Interceptor click!



Rich, Numerous, Technological, MAssive Asault, Flexible.

Taiidan empire is most flexible race in HW2fx. Well its most most most.... most fast in research, Getting MOST cash, Building more than all. Taiidan are BOLD.

They are have advantage with collecting ru: they always have more money - their cols are cheap for their huge capacity , they not move alot but all time eat those asteroids. Patches with taiidanwill be depleted faster.
They can have hi speed rushing research. Ability to extend research speed by building more research ships.
They are very good at point defences.
They have no facilities and need not them.
They can hypoe almost every unit exept probes and vettes/ints from any location.
With this all they are most flexible race in game, they can switch from class to class , all is needed is one time x2 research for class. (2 techs for each class)
They awesome productors and its race that can have combined fleets of different unit typoes and classes. (this give them advantage).
Possibility to gain cash fast and buiold relatively fast gives them ability to double heavy caps in one time from 2 flagships.
Thgere is no big noticable disadvantage for taiidan. Thei cap is bit low and for start they bit slow with slow 1st drop and then research must for chassis classes , but later you can just multi class units aka salvage corvettes with inters , ions to distrace enemy caps and caps of diffewrent kind.
As taiidan you one who need to mix up ur start classes good and with advantage of ru collecting and thus in buidling you can outnumber ur enemy by firepower and types of units he need to counter to . Taiidan cc need no facs and it can kill frigs and less itself. You should buiild up ur mass production to mass enemy to death, also with your hyping ability you can hype stuff from everywhere and you can start to do this very early.

Scout - scout thats it. Cant emp so scout suck, useless for taiidan, look taiidan probe ;)
Interceptor - inters, kinda = to hiagaran.
Assault Bomber - Bober that have highter damage than hiagaran one.
Defender - very tatical and good unit, while it dying from frigs to caps fast its awesome anti-strikecraft unit, it need not do pases, its just stand in one place and very very accurate and firing all time. It slow though, so should be mixed with inters and his name also describes him well - its good for patch/caps defence from strikecraft.
Light Corvette - Simple vette anti strikecraft, so so unit but very good as basic one.
Heavy corvette - Anti Vette corvette. Good unit, try it.
Salvage Corv - Infiltration unit of Taiidan, have low hps , so i recomend upgrade hps b4 use.
Multi GunShip - Well, this is nasty swarm killer, it very easy to kill though but can damage swarms very bad. it with covering of light corvs and Defenders /inters can be deadly for enemy swarms.
Minelayer - Minelayer, thats it.
Repair Corvette - well repair ability of this sucks , but at least something if needed
Asault frig - basic anti fig and vette frigate, very good antiresourcer, have homing shot, can self-hype after hypercpace tech done.
Support Frig - well ithis was one you was able to dock ints in HW1 here you cant, its just moving with ur fleet nad making strange moves, i think it giving regenration and may be adds anti missile point defence.
Ion Frigate - Famous Taiidan ions, very good frigate, walls of those can be deadly, not sure but seems its better bit then hiig one.
Destroyer - Taiidan destroyer , something similar to hiagaran by its abilities,
Missile Destroyer - advanced dd of Taiidan, very good unit and special one, theyr pride. W.o upgrades it will shoot cols, vets and ints at very good rate (especially corvs, very nasty), and after special attack research done can damage caps wery well too, its fast but bit expenive than normal dd. Very good unit and its body of taiidan caps navy. Also taiidans are Destoryer race - they have 7 dds unit cap and can mass them very fast and easy.
CC- Well , 2nd cc by its possiblities in game - thios one have nice point defences, speed, and heheh frig to ints killing ability.... this is related to cols also.... Beware of taidan CC rush on ur ru patch at start game, can be fatal for you heh. It also as all taiidan units need not hyp module to hype and have not facilities you can kill, so ....
Heavy Cruiser - Lighter cruiser than hiig bc, but much more flexible and faster, it cant be owned from back like vaygr bc or from zenith point as hiig one, it very flexible and can reach any point around it very fast. Wit hability to hype it without hype module and make x2 of them in one time hc taiidan who all time hyping x2 hcs to battlefield may be nasty foe.
imagine those with speed/armor upgrade hyping to hiig bc zenith point - same ownage like with dds but this time bcs facing highter damage ship lol.
Flagship of taiidan - you start with 1 and can make more 1 after hyp tech done, it made in form its very easy to have ru collection operations from it, have no facs that can be destroyed and have very good point defences.

to be continued.

aww forgot - Taiidan Probe !!!!!

This one like normal probe but its removable - just try and confuse ur FX noob enemy with probe moving by waypoint hehehehehe

Also : They able to build Sensor Array - Sensor unti that reveals all positioning of every unit on map exept cloaked ones/ those who are in dust clouds invisible.

Cloak Generators and Grav well are separate frigate class units.

Defenders own! They have more armor then any other fighter in-game, and can weaken several enemy strikewaves long-range before they can fire back at you. They're great for guarding/escorting corvette and up since they can't match up with fighters due to their speed. A single defender can do well against fighters. A group can deal with vettes, a wall can overcome frigates or at least cripple them.

Now the good part, they don't add to your cap limit! Meaning if u have 14 interceptors out (max) you can still build unlimited defenders! Only downside is that they're individual units, they're not in a squadrons. Also, when enemy fighters break through the long-range fire they will be a lot harder to hit. Still, they're great for guarding resource operations/gravity wells or come in handy during a dogfight for back-up fire.


The Taiidani HC is a MUST also. It's 4 ion cannons can rotate all ways, meaning that if u attack from side the HC still can hit you. Turrets can damage frigates badly or ruin any salvagers coming your way. Even when Turanic boarding stuff manages to come in, it's turrets still can attack few of them. As Gem said Taii HC are much more flexible then Hiigy/Vaygr BC, but they lack in armor near the begin of the game and their lv.2 upgrade costs sooo much. Pack 2 of them with DD/Frigs and HS near any enemy CC for some good 'ol pwnage.


The Taiidani have 3 main corvs. Light ones, Heavy ones and the Multi-gun. Light ones are very plain basic vettes, but a few packed with max fighters early-game can ruin any strike craft fast. Heavys are good middle-game as gunship replacements, but since they don't have burst fire anymore it's a pity. Multi-gun corvettes rule. They kill fighters on their own and can overcome corvettes in groups, but they lose badly to assault frigs/laser swarmers. Best is to group them with a assult frig force or fighters so they can do well.

That's it might write more later on.

AND you forgot immensely effective cloak generators that have very large cover range.

and of course i cant help but agree - strategically they are mega effective. Missile D is a must. With the special ability that you research separately it becomes super deadly. In my 3rd game ever i killed a light mika with 3 MD's without loosing one. All it took is 2 charges of missiles of special ability.

Also gem, assault frigs are VERY effective against facilities. 2 assaults under cloak into enemy base and you can take down a cap fac or a GW/

wow madcows , didnt knew about frigs lol, really thanks, good job for noticing that
will use it hehe

Here I am again, today with yet another Taii ship review. Today's subject is the Taii special: Missile DD

The Missile Destroyer has been improved at several points comparing it to homeworld1. First of all, the missile DD now has 2 additional upgrades besides the armor/engine. When basic, it has anti-fighter purposes. Then, you can upgrade to Warhead lv.2 to make it fire missiles non-stop (so no recharge time) and make it a anti-corv unit also. Gathered missile is the best. When pressing "E" and selecting a target, the missile DD fires 4 special missiles which have a torpedo-like effect and do monstreous damage to a ship. 3 Missile DD with this ability can overcome a Light Mica and stuff, do the math. Also, when the special missile array kills a frigate for example, the missiles who aren't used home in on other frigates/capitals nearby. Quite cool huh? Now the fun part: The Turanic missile Cruiser can only use Gathered missile, so it sucks pretty hard to fighters/corvs. The Taii DD however can continue firing normal missiles while recharging for another Gathered Missile attack. Quite cool huh?

Also with its huge range the MD can fire the pack and retreat while recharging for another pack of missiles.

4 MDs firing the gathered missile will kill a keeper or similar size ship with ONE shot. Thats right. And since they are extremely long range the keeper will not be able to fire a single shot.

So if any heavy ship (or several) is advancing towards your MD's use the gathered missile ability and retreat (combat retreat), in that way you can kill almost any number of medium sized ships (destroyers etc).

But still it is most effective against frigates corvs and figs.

Additional uses:

Perfect for patch killing. One gathered missile attack will destroy a refinery with 4 collectors (hiagaran), you can kill a patch without one col escaping in seconds.

And of course its inbuilt hyperspace module makes it a crazily effective tool tactically.

Some mistake by the staff at the SF forums deleted my account with all it's posts!! GRRRRR!!! :-x Oh well means I'll put today's review here instead.

Today up it the Taiidani Ion Cannon frigate. It's very much like the Higgy ICF in terms of purpose and such but there are few adjustments who make it slightly more effective then the higg ICF.

First up are the basic stats:

Speed: 150
Firepower: 275
Armor: 15.000

As u can see they have slightly less armor then their hiig counterpart but that is made up for the extra bit of firepower they got. Plus, their fire range is 5400 and they can even track slow corvettes in their tracks and shoot them to Karos. Only downside is that they still have no other weapons besides the Ion cannon so fighters/fast corvs own them hard.

Also, when you order them to move to a position while retreating they keep facing the target and fire at it while moving back. This is where the long-range beam comes in handy: you can hit other ships while moving back but they can't hit you. While the enemy ships are weakened and you unite with your other units it should be easy to crush them. So main advantage of the Taii ICF over the Higg ICF is the higher firepower and long-range which while come handy in situations as described above. I've tried multiple times now and Taii ICF also can track down Turanic Boarding vettes and Progy heavy movers. Use them as you want.

MD update:

use the gathered missile to take down mika's engines (gathered missile cannot attack facs except engines, which is all you need really) making it useless piece of junk!

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