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FX Tournament

Hey you bunch, long time :)

As you may know or not, I'm still active at the forum for FX. Why FX? Because it has more to offer than regular Homeworld2.

FX became inactive a while back which is a thorn in our eyes. So, together with the guys from we will be organizing, or rather trying to, a large scale FX Tournament. They have said there will be some real life computer related goodies to give away; more details on that later.

So if you are interested in playing something else than regular Hw2 all the time or feel like playing FX again I'd say download v1.85 and come join us!

Skills are no real problem; its all in good fun. Besides, FX also has the Hiigaran/Vaygr with some nice additions so the skills you guys have from regular Hw2 should carry you quite far in the tournament.

We are scouting for interested people first, the topic for that is:

If you are interested be sure to drop by on the forum for details. All tournament related stuff will be posted in the FX Interactive section. All you need is v1.85, a forum account and some time to play.

I am also aware the current black skin is a pain; we will have a brand new and awesome skin up soon.

Forum link:

Thanks for your time, hope to see many people joining in :)

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