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Game Repport 2008

Yesterday we had a great game (24/06/08

On CB:

OJ-foxy and me Vs Scienfi Elf and a smurf

to describe Oj and foxy both vaygr me and the rest all hiig

Elf on nub pos as foxy and Oj/scienfi meat pos.

i don't hve much time to describe the game (lol) but it was an intense and really GG . We lost it. but was really fun.

Recent Games

Me X Mini played some vgg against Cern/sfu/Thomas smurfing as some guys, I can't remember.  Beat them on Fallenlords 2 times in a row. They wanted rematch 1st time, none the 2nd.  Were 2 great games and of course i have screenshots...hehe


X and me vs sfu and thomas double win on tfl fallenlords ^^ ggs too poor AODS^^

blacks game report: smurfs= nubs, nubs= skilled, skilled= nonexistant, black= king, elf= loser ;) hehe

Sup Gem is back , how all u doing.
ps caracao ardente suck however Minis kb is not, but he found him fitting company

Also, i am back to HW2

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