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Hello, I made this topic for a debate about which tag we should have, GENS or GENESIS.  Personally i like GENESIS.  Gens sounds a bit odd, and might be mistaken for GENITALS.  Lol i just thought of that, but anyway i don't like the new tag, so how will we decide.  Has it already been decided?   :?

Well I hope we can pick GENESIS, but its up to you guys!!!


personally i find this rather erelevent,

its up to you weather u should be Gens or Genesis
as long as ur loyal in the clan
it doesnt matter

btw its my 100th post

gz on 100th post, and yeah i also preferred genesis, although GENS could stand for "great executioning noob slaughterers" lol joke

we started a polll on this subject gens v genesis but valroid is right but elf try lookin through the forums a bit more u will find the poll in private forums alot of history in hw2

I have to agree with Valroid, it doesn't matter as the 2 different tags represent the same clan. Just use the tags that you think look best on you :)

it's just that i heard you had to be one or the other...Guess not, I didn't see the poll anywhere but i'll look... thx guys

did i make a trouble with tags??  :wink:

u did

btw im sticking to old one

and ZIPPo my avatar in forums make a badge for me, i lost it while formating hdd and plz link it in here, thx

both are good

tags hmm if all players knows that both tags r us so where
the problem ?!?

i just have GENS because its shorter then genesis i will use genesis instead of GENS if you like but i think that it doesn't really matter what tag you have

       GENESIS CLAN Forum Index -> General Discussion
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