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Greetings from Soban Force and from your buddy Leviathan!

Hey guys what is going on with everyone? Sorry i havent been on been working and working out, now im down to 195 lbs. Anyways im still stuck wih this rig and it sucks as bad as ever, jk. Doesnt suck but i cant play hw 2 with you guys. Anyways if there is anyone that plays hw 1 in here let me know. Heres a program that you can use to play online since WON is down for good.
the bronze verison is free and all you have to do is set up your name etc and PLAY. My nickname is LeviathansWrath|SF.

Hello Leviathan|SF

Nice 2 see u again.

ps. I think no one in GENESIS play hw1.
     Anyway,  thanks for the tip.

hi levi loong time not seen nice to see you again ^^ hope to see you in lobby soon

Hi Leviathan|SF

good to see again around :)

Hey Levi~!

good to see you here!

Drones at claw formation :)

No. Never played HW1 :P

       GENESIS CLAN Forum Index -> General Discussion
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