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Happy 10th Birthday Homeworld (1) ;)

ahhhhh the memories drunken

hw1 is now 10 years old, and i couldn't be happier that it is still so highly regarded by the community as it was when it came out

truly kickarse first level intro, single player campaign, soundtrack, ship design and manual :P

played it when it came out and fell in love with the controls and style... if i wasn't more in love with the controls of hw2 i would still play it now!

for those who haven't followed the news releases:

Post on relicnews

Q&A at relic

Homeworld 1 OEM demo with 5 original levels release

Recent HW1 strategies for newcomers thread (ahhhh memory lane  icon_smile what i'd do for bball in hw2!!!)

now if only hw2 could be as healthy when it turns 10 too =D

compress  compress  compress  compress  compress

This game is still tha bomb!  Me and Zippo have been using 4 minute hyer cap on skilled and kikin their ass. We both go adv frigs after i get 1 squad of ints....and we've been practicing it!  Some older players have been in lobby lately..Papasmurf/AdmiralPiet/rr_lyrae and a few others. Hpoe to see you there...

i have to make myself to come for few, but im realy busy in eve atm

Get some time m8. ;)

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