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Homeworld 2 HWU mod 0092
Chris is gonna need to fix the ai for the NS and BH but they are playable thou gonna need to add dock paths for fighters vettes etc for caps that dont have them but otherwise enjoy the mod, also shadowgaz added the prog fleet from cross fire or at least i think that was the name of the other mod. Anyways prog now have a complete fleet to toy with.

BattleCry will never give up on his mods :D. At least someone cares about making hw2 more fun. And rest of us cant wait untill HW3 :P

AYE i 2nd that and lets just hope they dont dumb down the next game aka 2D instead of 3D. Anyways keep an eye on the thread new releases will be out soon.

hi zip its me

       GENESIS CLAN Forum Index -> General Discussion
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