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Homeworld 2 v1.2 patch & Map pack

Here is the link to download the v1.2 (unofficial) patch for Homeworld 2 v1.1.

v1.2 patch DOWNLOAD ---Updated 6/20/06

Battlecrys Maps v2.0

Hope you like it, some feedback would be nice


what is in the 1.2 patch done,
if it change something with the exploits and other cheats, it would be interesting,
but all have to use this or this make no sense

v1.2 does not address any of the cheats in HW2 as such are nonexistent.
The only way to "cheat" in HW2 is to exploit some of the bugs (such as the research mod transfer tech) or to generate an unequal map.

As for what v1.2 does, it lists all the major changes in the ReadMe file that is included in the download.
One of the things I've been trying to accomplish is to eliminate the Kick option, however I have had no success so far in doing so. Another thing I am trying to implement is interracial build capabilties from captured production ships.

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