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Homeworld Universe mod for hw 2

This is the ULTIMATE mod for hw 2 as far as races and ships go. It features unlimited races, right now the amount is 14 and growing.
scroll down till you find mirror 1.

u dolt i already have it ;p

then come play with me ya dolt, and also any of you genesis that would like to try this mod out btw its better than FX to a point. Let meknow in the lobby here or Xfire.

what i would really love if is the hw2 2.0 mod (the one with the pixel shader upgrades) could be online...
i would be up for some inner games using it. anyone tried it using gamespy or otherwise?

New update for hwu mod, 0089.
YOu can find it on the relic forums page 37 of the HWU thread.

BUmp come on peeps come and play some HWU with your buddy LEVI!
I got some fucking good maps to play with so anyone interested BUZZZZ !

before i forget heres the link for relic forums mod link.
Also heres a screen to show ya what to do when you get the mod working.
Now when you start up the game your race box ting will be blank what you want to do is click on the blue drop down arrow like in the pic and do that for all slots if AI if peeps have them do it themselves.
Then after all that select the race you want from the more options button. Now keep in mind that the race you get is governed by your position. Pos 1 = player 1 etc.

       GENESIS CLAN Forum Index -> General Discussion
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