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Hows it hanging

Hey you bunch, thought I'd drop by again after being gone for so long. Doubt if anyone will remember me but ah well ;p

First off, congratulations to Alx4 for his birthday (today). Have a good one =)

Second, I don't play much Hw2 anymore but I'm still involved with the FX mod. I check the forum I made for it everyday ( and am on Xfire often as well (username: captaineirikr) so with that you should be able to get a hold of me in case something's up.

So whats up?

hello old friend

come back to hw2 for a few games


hi long time no see captain or wildheart ^^ thanks for the happy birthday

hope to see you in lobby soon

Hi wild :)  compress

Hello Wild

Nice you stop by.

Like mad said "come back to hw2 for a few games " :)

Oh sure I'll drop by again in hw2 once but my skills should be absolutely '0' now...if I even had them to start with blackeye

You can always get FX and face me there, I'd probably be able to give a better match there than at regular hw2.

       GENESIS CLAN Forum Index -> General Discussion
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