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HW2 league

Hi Genesis,

the duck clan is tryin to build up a HW2 league
If it works we will have a lot fun shock:

please have a look on [url]http//[/url]

and read the details.
We need to know how many interestes we get together !

so long


hii Star
i`m the first one who`s will join the league and i`m sure the GENESIS too will join too but star thr link no workingggggggggggg


Ok I hope we will ahve more Genesis soon :D

and here again

status update:

database is set up. website coding has started but is still on its beginning. don't have much time these days... Zwinkern

even so we can theoretically start the liga - i just have to fill the tables on my own that you sent to us : duck(at)


* Name :: Your HW2 nick name
* Clan :: Your Clan [optional]
* Email :: Your email adress
* ICQ :: Your ICQ# [optional]
* Score :: Your points in the ladder. Will be set by the script (or by me as long as the script isn't finished Zwinkern)


* Tag :: Clan tag
* Name :: The complete clan name
* Website :: Clan page url

Games (Will be filled out by script - see 'score'...)

* A1 :: Team A player 1
* A2 :: Team A player 2
* B1 :: Team B player 1
* B2 :: Team B player 2
* Winner :: A or B
* Date :: Date and time of the match

If you wish we could add map. playing time, game reports etc. to the game table.

I will write some other organistaion stuff soon !

Ok folks here we go Fröhlich I try to summon some things we discussed,
and explain some other stuff !!!

First rules :

* Don`t pass BC under Fire
* Don`t pass BC more than once
* Don't keep marine move on hypered off capital ships. So in that case, players with marine should intentionally stop the marines as the ships hyper out and not follow its route to find out where it is.
* Grav well hyper. This is ok to do 1 time. After that you are smart enough to know you are in a grav well and shouldnt do it again. If the enemy team says something to you then you definitely shouldnt do it again

If someone doesn`t respekt the rules the game is lost, but the team which is bertrayed should make screenshots to avoid discussions Fröhlich
But I hope this will not happen !

All the other exploits should be discussed individually before the game starts, If both teams agree not to use them, nobody should !
If nothing is discussed all other exploits are allowed ! Ätsch

The map :
If both teams agree to play another map than CB, you can play it of course ! If both teams can`t agree on one map you have to play CB !

Quiting :
Thats a hard topic, because it will be hard to decide someone has quitted or not, or who would have won this game !
Lets try to play without special rules in quitting !
I trust all of you to play fair, and let the teams decide what to do !!! Sehr fröhlich
If there are to many discussions about quitting or players do that to often, we have to think of some rules than.......

Times :
To make is easier to find each other in lobby we should have main play times ! You can play whenever you want to, but lets just say
we try to meet us Mo.,Di. between 19 and 22 o`clock GMT !
I think I saw all of you sometimes at this time, so lets just try
If you can´t play there, play at any other time you find another team, or make a date with other teams in our Forum Hehe, wirst schon sehen!

Scores :
We start to play 10P for victory !
If each team had 2-4 games, we start to play with our score algorithm !

Send us a Email at duck(at) write who has won, how long it took, and a Screenshot of the score to avoid any discussions later, who has won.......
I hope it we be able for the players to write somthing about the game like a match report in game list, don`t know Xerx can realize that.....

As I said we play 2v2, but your team mate can change, or you can play each game with the same ally !
But each player must be registered !
You should avoid to change your ally to often, or play with players
who wnat to play only this single game.....the players should be members of our ladder

PLEASE don´t smurf.........
You will need a second Email Adress.....and someday we will find out !

Now please send us your details for the board, if we have no email, wil be not registered and we will not write down your score
Sehr fröhlich
I don´t know how long it takes Xerx until we have the score boards
online....but you can start playin now Sehr fröhlich

The ladder has started........hf
Sehr fröhlich Böses Grinsen Sehr fröhlich Zwinkern Hehe, wirst schon sehen!

ok Xerx has finshed the tables :D :D

so lets start playin, but you have to register yourself in those boards !!!

sorry for that registration confusion, but I haven`t known how we manage this thing ;)

so plzz register again, registered players can start playin now and send their scores to duck(at)

As I said before plz try to be online at Mo till We from 19-23 o`clock
so it would be easiere to find each other. But you cann play whenever you want of course :P

The rules :


I`m sure we all know when the enemy transfers for any reason or he want to heal it.....

The grav well hyper should be avoided, If you know there`s a GW arround don`t do it, it is not a fair gameplay I think !

ok, stopp smurfin start playin :D :o

gl and hf

Hi Genesis :)

To make the league of anything worthy, it would be nice some of u join in the league. If you guys got teams ready, as said above, write ur name in this page.

Hope to hf in the ladder.

Here's the current player list.

their site is down... are you guys playing in the league now?
let me know how you are going

oh islisis!

Long time no see..hehe

What have you been up to?? :D

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