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We should get some links for other clans out there. PSA, TFL, SF, Guru, Xeno, SLS, TLSC, etc.

hi war~!

you should know that they dont ply hw2 recentry except TFL and XENO

i dont see them almost since a year ago.. :cry:

war, do you mind if i ask your addy of e-mail?

kami_ :shock:

yeahhh I dont see TLSC guys since...I left hw2 for 2 months with mik to play star wars battlefront 2.......

then I returned never saw them I just see genesis;Xeno; some TLF(superman is one of them) I never saw chikens again.....

some brz and..... I think more nothing. :(

hw2 is getting without peoples......

Actually Ive seen Flo and one other on recently,but thats about it.

Howz things hanging guys !! To answer this Topic: Flo IS still around. In fact, Zippo and me just met in real life hehe !! Which was really ace. A rare thing in the internet gaming “thing” as you all know. Zippo and me go way back. It was funny, Zippo mentioned something that I already had forgotten (Alzheimer kicking in I guess). The first time Zippo and me met in da Game we never played one game !! We just spoke !! lol. And after that I prolly was too drunk to play or something. But Zippo and me played a lot of games together since 2004. The hard 2v3’s, beating the crap out of the opponents were the best ofcourse. Me, being a Vaygr player, supporting the in my humble opinion better on bigger maps Higgy player (Zippo).
But I also know/have met quite a few of the other Genesis members and I surely hope I keep meeting you guys. You’ve got a great group here.
Anyway, time to go. Its late and I am just back from the great country that’s called Portugal.
Take care and Be Good people.


my step daughter is half portugese

we are still all here well i am.. foxylady been around lately too

I got a smurf name of Darling.. its very handy when you beat people and they go "f%$k off Darling" or "well done Darling" or "Shut up Darling!"


saw a Sweetiepie had been in forum but i had fallen asleep so couldnt reply anyone fancy making gen smurf  "funny when they insult you" team?

sweetiepie, if you gen then what do you think


       GENESIS CLAN Forum Index -> General Discussion
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