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Members not to argue with each other

u new people where let into this Clan because of your
skill in the game, but also the genesis name is ment to be
worn with honour and respect to your fellow members.

so no name calling or abusive language
or there will be some kicking from the clan involved.



TOTALLY AGREE with Valroid
Any disagreements go to our private Forum.


I think if you disagree with someone in the clan during a game or in the lobby u don't need to bring it up so everyone knows  i think u should just whisper to them if u  have a big problem Bring them into a diff room not that hard. TRY TO RESLOVE YOUR PROBLEMS WITHOUT FIGHTING OR CAUSING A HUGE RAKET

exactly black has right try to resolve the problems


First of all thanks re:matt .

Is this thread dedicated to a certain disagreement between clan members?

If so , it probably resulted from a bad decision by someone at a certain point in a game.

I make at least one bad decision during most games and have yet to have the perfect game myself.

All families have disputes, it is how these disputes are resolved that allow the family to either get stronger or weaker.

Lets hope the resolution of this dispute make this family stronger..


Hey Valroid, were you reffering to a specific argument?

ya and all that but if u r attacked first or people attack genesis name for no reason at all u ggot the right

o0o wait members who would argue with a member?

and anyway even kno we r a clan we  dont have to like and be cool with each one in tht clan but if u do argue ethier say  cussing fuck u $cussing and dont talk to them no more if its long arguement then do it somewere else besides forum no one wants to hear it nor in lobby  if u got msn there u go u even get to use angry smilys  argue


I SAY IF U DON"T LIKE SOME1 GIVE THEM AN ANRGY SMILY    argue  And poot on them with this guy diabloanifire  fart

lol thats big guy

thin  poot   violent3  *catches fart on fire* big boom

i dont think you guys get it

its not ok to argue in THIS clan
thats the way it has always been

yes sort out ya differances and u dont need to make it a public issue,

but if you cant sort it out then we can vote on kicking or something to resolve the matter

one way or a nother argueing is not permitted in our clan and as i said insults to fellow members with hateful suddgestions behind them is like giveing us a resignation letter meaning u want to quit

and yes im awear i didnt say hateful suggestions in my last post

no i understand and havent had problem with no one in clan *yet* and hope not to

but as welll i might have met half of u well prett much those that play hw2 as much as me

i kno these guys very well u guys might not cuz u havent been on hw2 in awhile and if u r on they might not be i assure u none that have joined will do anything to lose respect in lobby

or even have a problem with others in clan

i havnt met u hello valroid    

guten abend ZO

i hear ur german from kami

im by blood full german but i cant speek it as i have been raised in australia and i never knew my parents at all  lol

lol kami told u im german was u talkin to a kami in hw2 lobby cuz there is this guy smurfin all us gens pissin me off

anyway i am mexican american

speak only little spanish dont kno how to spell it juss speak

like buenos dias val i think thats how u spell it meens good morning i say it other mexicans or spanish w/e and they respond with a bunch of this --------> cjbcwjbkc  ,fwbf,FHBlcba,  ,jbva.cbelc

Hey Valroid and all Gens,

its me who is German, but nvm :)
I agree to do not insult someone in lobby.
Sometimes there is a strange kind of humor in lobby, which is nearly to insults - but people who play for a while, know that is not real.
Sometimes I feel a bit pissed-of when people make commentars because of gens, especially when they beat one in pick-up/random teams and mean because of one lost game they think they are ub0rprogamer.

Excuse my bad English guys.

lol foxy i too thought this was bout others in lobby talkin smack but this is about talkin smack among gens argueing with other gens and there is no way illl ever stop talkin smack to others in lobby unless they stop first wont strand by and listin to me being insulted or the genesis name  or if my peoples r insulted to

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