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Mik, whats up with u man!!!!


We miss u man!!!!

Zip out

zippo, i think that he's playing coh recentry, or he may want to take a break with hw2. i didnt see him either, but i think he will come back in the near future. sex

i'm not entirely sure though...

oh he said he's, yea, laying of homeworld2 a bit :|

he been sick of hw2 recently so he's trying some new games.....

I talk to him alot....u guys dont see him??? weard :? not just him who's sick from hw2...I am too :twisted:

aww thats to bad i wish he come back

VIVI GET BACK TO HW 2!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to team up with you or kill ya heheheh!

Never been away
over last 6 months ive been playing less and less, to the point where ive almost stopped.
At the moment im lost between games, hw is coming to a end and ive found nothing to replace it
CoH is good but, not keen on the whole DoW holding checkpoint thing.
So where i go from here i don't know.
Anyway will cyas in lobby HF.

       GENESIS CLAN Forum Index -> General Discussion
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