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more maps

Bah i recon there should be some more bolddy maps that are good
for 3v3 and i think they should introduce 4v4 like in SW empire at war or something cool :-x [/img][/b]

an answer, and a question

the lag would be immense, which is why they don't have 4v4's and above. and if you want a good map then make your own, best tool is skunk's map editor/maker

and valroid, are you a real genesis or what cause you didn't post anything on the recuitment forum?

all-though 4v4 would be nice but aeris is right the lag would kill everyone


me evil think that 4x4 would be fun and only super pc havers would play it

We could try some IP games once in a while...easy to do...and less lag.

       GENESIS CLAN Forum Index -> General Discussion
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