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Need help

Hi all, I opened this topic to ask you some help. I don't have a windows OS so I would like to know how to get it for few money (Windows XP). I need it to run my Homeworld on my mac via parrallels. Thank you for your help.


u can get any windows u want to get..^^;;

just dl some windows and burn it to a booting cd, and then install it..^^

i used to do like that , now i use OEM windows which i got when i bought my laptop..


1 google utorrent
2 instal it
3 go to
4 type windows xp home/profesional in the search bar
5 save torrent (from the bottom list links and read coments about it before)and dl it  
6 boot it via diamond tools program(as virtual cd) and there should be crack cd key in it too (better be 1) the comens usualy say about it. It may even be inside cd in folders but u have manualy search (virtual)cd and find ijnside folder with cd key.
any further questions just type here

hi, I've tried but it doesn't work. Maybe I did wrong.

Win xp can be instaled with cd key on it but that cd key once used is no good to anybody else just instal 30 day trial, then theres few options
1 try to unlock it via win register which i cant help ya its realy difficult
2 is to get keygen (small program) which does unclock win activation code activating via 'phone line' unpluged internet cable doing so. But most tricky is to find that keygen online.
3 theres few completely fucked up win versions which u can use unlimided (cracked) but avoid updating asit will lock itself again. still needs to be downloaded and found in the torrents
4 theres program rockxp4.exe (usualy described as win xp genuine in 5 sec) its a hack tool but its not easy to use. usualy downloading it u recieve some other files with ir when unrared and u can read how to use it via notepad.

       GENESIS CLAN Forum Index -> General Discussion
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