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New IF site + Forums

Well I'm here to tell you guys the IF got another site, this one will be the final, so please change the link to our website at your homepage to this one. I'll be using this opportunity to tell you guys the IF Forums have been upgraded also. Everyone is welcome to visit the new website and forums!!

IF Website:
IF Forums:

So, please change the links at your homepage to these proper ones and hope to see ya guys around there also!!

Captain Eirikr, out

i had been there a few days ago, but it has got a problem i dont know that enter the page.. :wink:

The site you mean? Yeah that's true, since you can only view them when you registered..I think :?

lol never registered yet though

Hello collest enemy

Ill change that link this weekend.


Hello favorite enemy

Thank you!!

Eirikr out

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