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No Tags

Lots ppl passing comments on Genesis with no Tags playin. wats up do we have part time members now??

how do ppl feel bout this?

i do lot smurfing cannot tag my smurfs but if i use my real name ill make sure it is taged, sry fire and all

Hey we didnt see or hear from Kami for over a month and were just wondering what it looked like w/o genesis tags..chillout!

:?: :?: :?:

not anymore we are again proud to play with our tags. hmmm i dont smurf anymore even...

an experiment ?

Anyway, all pple in the lobby knows who we are, so...

We should make more internal game to improve our skills; 1v1 (i sometimes do that with mini...and he kicked my ass :wink: ) 2v2

Well speaking as someone with "alittle" experience on the subject......

       GENESIS CLAN Forum Index -> General Discussion
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