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Official FX forum

Rite guys here's the deal. Since the relicnewsforums only have 1 thread to discuss about FX and some guys like Hazzar mess it up we've made an new, official FX forum. Me and some friends think it's an waste to let FX die so we want to revive it and support the FX mod group by making things like an official discussion forum, teamspeak, and more. As first step towards this, either call it resurrection or ideal, we've JUST finished the FX forum. They aren't very active, but we hope them to become active when 1.8 is released. In the meantime it would be nice if we get some members and content before that, So, I'm inviting everyone who plays FX or wants to play it again to our new, official FX discussion forum. It might need some updates later on, but basics are there already.

At those FX Forums you can discuss more, and at a higher level without n00bs asking shit like 'what is FX'. So, hope to see some GENESIS there, too ;)

Captain Eirikr, out

       GENESIS CLAN Forum Index -> FX mod
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