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pc an game questions

wassup i got many questions like for one i need info on how to

1. play a game on 2 computers with a cross over plug by lan like ip an subnet an how to get to it to copy games on to like copy a pc game also ps3 an xobox 360 games

3. how to make the xbox 360 an ps3 an pc to read an play these games

please help with these its sumthin i should already kno but dont kno if u need more details on the question please ask

Zo u foo u cant make a pc game work on the 360 or PS3!!!

Gimme more details on wat u want to know.

ya u can fooo a dvd supoosidly turns in a complete circle while being read while a game goes back an forth some way u can configure it to read copied games foo my brother has one that plays burned games not burned like fire well the smart guys kno wat i meen but ya foooo u can and wat question do u want more of a discription on

Hola! Como estas?

Hasta Luego seniors!

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PC games  on xbox or Ps3 little hard , but XBox on ps3 or PS Xbox , always there is a way :)))))))) hahahahaha cussing

lol im not tryin to get pc games to play on xbox or ps3 im tryin to get copied ps3  games to play on ps3 an copied xbox 360 games to play on the 360 and copied pc games to play on the pc which should be easy


Forget Pc and get a mac lol!

Haven't looked into getting a ps3 or a 360, but if they're anything like ps1, ps2, xbox then a mod chip  would be the way to go.
If you already have a 360 and a friend who likes melting things with a soldering iron and who can also afford to buy u a new 360 when he fucks it up, then get him to install 1 for you. Otherwise look around on the web for some dodgy company to do it for you.
If  you dont have a 360 then buy 1 thats already chipped.
I went with the friend option for my xbox but i let him "practice" on  his own first :) Mines still going strong 3-4 years later, apart from dvd drive but thats normal, never use the thing anyway.
Never really used my xbox for copied games just Emulators FBA, MAME, SNES9x ect... all in 1 not so small black box what more could u want ?

They dont make games like they used to :(

ya true i had a mod chip chip on  my xbox let me down load games on to it didnt need cd after that but dude said it cant be donr to a 360

my pc is as usualy BIG mess but im closing the gap of sorting it out finaly (maybe 50th time) and ill make comaback to hw to kick some skilled butts,
most likely after couple of weeks (summer)

dude wen summer comes ill be completely off da games foreal its time for outside honey dippin creepin striaght swimmin cook outs fire pits all dat its boutta be jumpin goin to minnopolis or w/e then NEW YORK im outty

i might get back round autumn is what i ment or do couple of games in summer whne non busy and btw if i had a chance to get to usa id go to drink with oj

hehe ill come to but one of yall gotta buy this 15 year old his drink bottle of vodka and a side of red bull would be nice

oj we doomed with teenagers all times bigsmurf

will be in florida 8th to 24th august , doing the disney thing.....

will have quite a lot of vodka

party at mad-dads house  bounce <----this then  drunken <------ this  then  shaking2 <-----this  ha ha then u can guess puke_l   all over mads new carpet he he

HEHE....Zo just stick to PC  And school man..your spelling sucks ass....


I would like to know how could i host a game with my old Pc; I sometimes got problems to go in a game (conflict) with hw2.

I got an dsl box with firewire within it. Do u know a protocole to open all ports and prevent to block people when i'll host/or join ?

Read the readme xXx , i am sure it helps .

damm i have a dsl box too and nothing help , once i was hosting free but now !!!!

do not ask me

Nerds hehehe

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