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Perhaps an idea to..?

Well I was wondering if we should split the memberslist split in 2 parts: Active and Inactive members. That way we can see who still plays occasionally...and who doesn't :)

thats a good idea

Hi, Wildheart..=)
How have you been? split members to activate and inactivate is a good idea.
But, i think it's better to be known that when they were joined this clan,
and who's new and who's old members.
i also read a post that is about right of vote for joining of you.
i think if you are in genesis clan, all we have the same right and duty for being genesis. it's fair enough for members to say their opinions.


Hi Kami, well I've been fine, just busy with school and trying to play 4 games at once..^^;;

I just thought of an alternate idea: Keep the memberlist like it is on the homepage ( and make a section below it which lists the Active and Inactive members. If that won't work, you can always make a topic in the Rules/Member forum which lists the Active and Inactive members. Just a few thoughts.

And yes you're right about the voting thingy....I only thought it might be useful if elders in the end decide if someone is in or not, or you give GEN members the voting right after they've been with the clan for at least 1 month. But hey, we could always keep it the way it currently is

Let's discuss about it, too in private section we have. we gotta discuss something to change for the future now.. :wink:


Maybe use the power of deduction
Look around yerself in lobby, if u havent seen someone for a few months its probably safe to assume they're inactive.
Do we really need a list to tell us that ?


The Green guys r active.

       GENESIS CLAN Forum Index -> General Discussion
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