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Pretent to be a

i had a game that aginst 3 SFs(Devil_dog, HHorn, and Sasha) today.
but i knew i had 2 noobs before i started it.. :oops: so, i did my best and it takes us 2 hours to the end.. :oops: but we won.
but after i finished that game i didnt speak any english because of i pretended to be a chinese player, and i typed a lot of chinese after i see text book for chinese on the website i
anyway, SF are our good friends and i like who played the game we had.
sorry DD, HH, and was for fun.. :wink:

nihao zhungzhao chi wan? shifu zhao na!

So that is what Kami doing when he is smurfing :lol: pretending to be a Chinese player! :wink: :lol:

ts ts ts ts ts ts what we gonna do with ya Kami eh? :lol:

It is all good I my self occasionally guilty as in regard to forbidden pleasures of smurfing

Just a friendly visit to say hi to GENESIS. Mini OJ Zip Madcows Kami Fire ROSiE Meilin a friendly high five to you from my humble self and hope all goes well.

This is a "personal visit", I don't represent SF as a whole at the moment.

Oh by the way ma nishma Madcows. :)

With best regards. Sasha|SF.

p.s. Have to apologize for a thread necro. Just noticed a thread date. :oops:

hi sasha..^^ welcome to visit our site, we are glad about it.
let's have good games for fun from now on as like we did.. :?

makore sash! bona ze muzar - ata iodea esh 3 israelim bGenesis? :)

Cool. This is like visiting friends home. I should do that too. Socialise :)

im not chinese
but i can eat just as fast as one


Well, a bit spam1

Damm, i nead a spam2

Hello Sasha!!

Nice to see u here, and welcome!!

i ate spam toothy7

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