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What Forums are Private to GENESIS Members?????

:?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?:

So even registered ppl on forum cannot access?


The Mother Ship section I guess :lol:

Mother Ship!!

gracias Zip

i guess im treated as an ego maniac down there :lol: :lol: :lol:

now, kamikaze-genesis is calling me ego maniac and fucking jap when i never said anything and is quite uncalled for. i hope you guys fix him up before his name goes down, since there are many people around me are basically laughing at his attitude and before it spreads to every other clan out there of what he has been doing against me, i hope he stops it.

- he call me as those 2 stated above when im not in lobby.
- when i ask him why directly, he wont tell
- from how it looks, its because me + some skilled smurf used some advanced mod transfer(they call it dirty) strat and got them and they got pissed
- ever since, he thinks im smart ass, he puts me in his ignore list in lobby and leaves every single game that i join and keeps laughing behind my back

it is quite laughable, please stop it before everyone die out of laughter.

moved 2 mothership

i wish he can say something other than 'lol' or 'lmao' to discuss what is wrong though... without saying a reason, it is quite unfair and the more you keep doing it, the more chance people have something to laugh at.

I've also fallen victum to such names said behind my back by kami. I don't know what happened, one day were buddies, and then nxt 'you've changed cloaked'. - Like how? I'm same old cloak, but apparently somehow different kami. Kinda started after a few shield victories over kami using dd's. After game I would just say 'gg' and think cool, i beat kami. :) But latter i found out that kami was bashing me behind my back in the lobby, claiming that i have no 1v1 skill and that i just got lucky and came up some noob dd strat that somehow works??? I mean common kami, i really don't appreciate the name calling and public bashing behind my back. Its low man, real low.

What sucks even more, is that kami wont even play against hideki in games now. So at late hours like last night when no ones about, theres me, pit, kitsune, hideki, and tayos all sitting in game wishing kami would just join...

I don't know what there is that the rest of genesis clan can do other than talk to kami about this issue and see what his view on thing are, cause so far kami has just been stubborn and hasn't explained the name calling or his attitude.

talk to you guys latter, i'm off to go play some billiards, cloaked.

Ah but is it the real Kami? :shock:

damm, this have an explication. for sure!!

im afraid to say it is the kami that we know.

me and him have very low ping toward each others and since there are so less asians playing around, we always knew each others by looking at pings going below 100.(to usa 150-250, europe 250-350, so it's obvious) and dont tell me a random korean or japanese came and did this.

i've heard another case where he called people 'cheaters' and whatnot and just kept it as is (some time ago, it was) but i wouldn't write about it until the victim dude want me to say it.

so, you know... things looked friendly... until it started to look a bit unfair here...

i'm really fine with the rest of the genesis or even the entire lobby for that matter, except maybe igbo calling me noob and all... but at least he said it in front of me.


ok, now with Zip.

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