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Hi ,

dont want to waste much time telling you about sfu-aod but was in game with rosie and foxy last night v ara,sfu and imptorp.

The game was fairly even as im sure rosie and foxy would agree but Aratak then synced out.

Immediately sfu started accusing us of kicking his ally.

I know i didnt and i am 100% certain foxy or rosie didnt either.

Anyway as soon as I knew Ara had synced and hadnt been defeated fair and square I quit the game to allow it to be 2v2.

I didnt transfer ships or anything and stayed to watch game (which genesis won! lol) Sfu quit before end of game however.

I got back to lobby first and saw he was mouthing off about Genub kickers.

He couldnt be reasoned with and was getting to be very rude.

anyway I wont play him again unless he apologises.

Its up to you what you do!

First GG guys

sfu is an old friend of us ,  let us the old guys talk with him , i`m sure that he said that just when was angry after that game, and that no reason to all this :/


i think it is sorted now

lol ignore those AoD guys...they just mess with everyone and smurf so much they barely use their own name....but if that is their definition of 'having fun' then be it. I could care less as I don't play much Hw2 anymore but mainly FX games by LAN with frends.

damn wish i was there too see aod get there butt kicked im tired of doin it  lol


case closed

       GENESIS CLAN Forum Index -> General Discussion
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