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Sons of Solar Empire Link

So I've played the beta a bit


The game completely is not what they said it was going to be... it's basically a slightly prettier version of Frontier wars... only less sophisticated. The game has 2D movement, effectively no tactics... at least none that require you to be sober... and there are no gravity effects what so ever so far as I can see.

When this game as initially pitched to me they were talking about gravity wells where you had to sling shot your fleet around worlds to bare in on enemy forces... they were saying it was like HW only with an empire to run too... well... none of that happened. It's nothing like homeworld... AT ALL... I mean, not even a little... and gravity is completely gone.

Best of luck to Ironclad with their game I just wish they hadn't misrepresented their game to me at first so I got all excited about something they had no intention of making.

That really sucks. Good info man.

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