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The frontpage...

The birds/airplanes or w/e blue crap is flying across the forum page prevents me from logging in. That plus the fact I find it rather useless and annoying. Therefore my request to the person whoever put it up to remove it. Thanks in advance.

since forums almost dead let it be .... only thing cheer up

Hello Wild!!

im the annoyingflying guy.

ps.i know what is annoying, do u??

U don't know me Zippo....


lol im not annoying juss an asshole so idk i like the flyin planes

i like the mothership brilsmurf

well they are pretty annoying but thier alright once you get used to them flying around

WildHeart|GENESIS wrote:
(...)prevents me from logging in

MiniEVIL|GENESIS| wrote:
since forums almost dead...

I see a possible link. Do you?

Well I don't find the birds themselves annoying but they prevent me from logging in 90% of the time so I can't post.

oh i automatically log in as I saved details

have tried tho and it works for me.

could we just pause them and see whether reports of the death of this forum have been vastly exagerrated?

I tick the 'remain logged in' button everytime but same effect. The cause seems to be the 'reloading' of the birds. Say, when one disappears at the right, another one is generated at the left.

As for this forum dying...Hw2 itself is nearly dead. Half moved to EVE, half to Sins. FX is kinda last get it and come play.

ya i been off hw2 for a min been playin grand theft auto 4 thats fricken sweet online funny as hell runnin people over

and im thinkin bout the cammand and conquar 3 or w/e

i moved to WIC ( WORLD IN CONFLICT) a few months ago but i might be moving again

I just wanted to wish you guys good luck  :D

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