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the nooby days

this is the first battle i took screenshots in (my second screenshot ever), it was a 'store up all units to the max and throw them into a massive fight' type game :shock: :twisted:

too bad i was so nooby back then (so only had small fleet), and the resolution on my homeworld2 was 800X600

this is one of my favorite screenshots too :D (the blue destroyers were mine, my name was 'moonbird')

and if anyone else has very old screenshots from when they were noobs please post them here :lol:


huh my nooby days looked like this



look at the second picture closely u will see what it says

lol, what's it actualy say?

"vaygr BC says luck rocks" that's what i can make out of it :o :? :?:

sorry no screenshots though

also, as a noob i remember getting beaten by kami and zippo long before joining genesis (i was the guy ramming vaygr carriers into ships if you remember the game) :lol:

also, i played on zippo's side once (Before he was in genesis :P)

i don't know what names i had in either of the games, but '[EVE]---rebel' and 'Moonbird' are the best guesses; both of those names i had before getting to grips with the social ways of gaming :|

my nooby days are so silly
Admiral Bromly

Pookie you have so many names, i can't remember a thing about all the new players i battled, but i do remember having a game with you, on that map I made, I think it was when i started making maps for HW2, boy that was awhile ago.
I don't have a picture of my noob days, since have been through 2-3 HDDs since then, and i don't think the screen shots would have survived all that data lose, but if memory serves correctly, I didn't really go for BCs, because basically i didn't know much about the strength of them. I usualy built 5-6 fighters, a few corvettes, and a few frigates, mabee a DD or two, and rarely a BC. Since then, I got my act together, and am pretty good... i mean rusty, well now i am a bit rusty, but when i am up to it, I'm can build a good enough fleet last awhile if I have to defend.


i always preferred destroyers as hiigaran, and when i moved to vaygr (quite quickly) i used to have 3 carriers building heavy missile frigates :shock:

nooby though so both tactics sucked at the time, but now i can do both of those very well :-D

and yes, also very rarely battlecruiser, i knew as a noob i'd be pwned before getting one out :|

My nooby days..i have no screenies but i remember my first battle. A 3 vs. 3 at 3.15 PM GMT with Tata and ParmesanChicken. Though, the game never started since Parm was AFK all day :P

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