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Vayg guys in!!

Hello guys!!

Some of u play Vayg??

Just to know.

As you know, i don't play with vay at all....;)

:lol: :lol: :lol:

3 cheap carriers is better than 1 high-tech powerhouse

haha this is where i come in, i'm most likely the best vaygr guy in genesis

most people prefer the way hiigaran ships look, but i prefer vaygr looks

and the carriers are cheap, so getting lots and swarming fighters/corvettes/frigates is fun, i can also use vaygr battlecruisers with ease, see here: :lol:

also people prefer hiigarans for their simplicity of use, but i don't like building hiigaran carriers (shipyards in of both races are also very expensive) as it takes too much time and money :evil:
plus i only need 1 production facility (and cloak) for each carrier :P

some times i use :wink:

V=FUCKED in Resouring and Research system in this game. H have the advantage in these areas. Which is annoying considering this game favors one race over another. No balance here unlike hw 1.


i think there is balance cos higy is faster reaserched and cheeper in early stages of game but vagy gets more powerfull in late. and this is the balance 4 u. :twisted:

i hate hiigarans either way...

yea levi you're wrong about this, the upgrades just take getting used to; but they end out cheaper (considering they upgrade EVERY unit of the class :P )

i know that but it eats up ALOT of your rus to upgrade the V and you will stall A LOT while you are getting pwned by hig.

it's really only a preference...

funny how i've not often been pwned as vaygr, and i always have at least 6000RU's spare :shock: :P

and i noticed vaygr are better in large maps while hiigarans are better in smaller ones


i know lot of vagy players against whom is very very hard to stand in small maps and even more difficult when skilled combine 2vagy 1hugy or 1vagy 1higy.

may be a larger payment but the total is less

and a thing about the upgrades for vaygr, they are cheaper :lol: much cheaper...

well the vaygr upgrade all 3 of their frigate types in one go, so say we had full upgrades for vaygr frigates; that comes to 6800RU's
hiigaran full upgrades for 3 frigates comes to 10,500RU's

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I WIN! :shock: :lol: :P for once :roll:

...though i do understand only the ion and flak frigates are normaly upgraded, just understand that vaygr are in all cheaper; but harder to pay for :o


it depends what to upgrade. never underestimate torps

my only hiigy strat, and how to counter it with vaygr

heheh, hyper-torping is practicly my only hiigaran strat

but vaygr can get those powerful heavy missile frigates almost as fast if rushing them (which as i know, vaygr players never do; not even me) :o

well even the vaygr basic fighters (and maybe some EMP :twisted: ) can stop torps quite fast :P


We nead to train that!!!


I m not a vaggy specialist, but i sometimes play with. I especially love to swarm with this race cause Emp is really efficient. 2 Bad points for this race are ressources collect are 2 slow and capital ships cost an arm and a leg... :roll:

i am training myself to use both races eaqually well it seems to be working for me

Aeris, I love to frig rush with vaygr. But its hard to do it alone. You need ints cover, if you get that, its very effetive, and if enemy does not notice it on time it can be deadly.

If enemy is only hiig then vaygr frig rush is excellent.

If enemy has a vaygr that goes lasers it becomes a waste :)

I left hw2 quite some time but getting back in it now. I'm a Vaygr player lately

So far I only can't get Vay frig rush.. :oops:

I play both races comoftably

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