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Lets get a topic for hw 2 GOING!~ This place is worse than the SF boards IM NOT KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :roll:



debate over fighters

make a subject guys *slaps both on back of head with biro pen* don't just ask for one, hungry mouths don't get fed if there's no food

but if you want a subject, i'm tired of the battlecruiser debates, so, who's fighters are better? this is, for instance, 1 squadron on 1 squadron; ingore the vaygr's larger unit cap.

i've found vaygr fighters to be better against subsystems
hiigaran bombers better than vaygr ones
lance fighters, not buildable by hiigarans, nothing on equivilents can be said about them
and scouts, the vaygr ones aren't outrunable once you upgrade their speed, and their EMP is generally better. the hiigaran's EMP is really just different, more of an area weapon, and only hiigaran scouts have the sensors ping ability

scouts are the most debatable of these i'd say :o

       GENESIS CLAN Forum Index -> General Discussion
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