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Which is your Fav DD?

Like the topic says which is your fav. Im starting to like the V DD better because it serves its role real nice since it eats up frigs like none other. Those missles eat them alive lol! But they are also hard to upgrade. GRRR @ hw 2 developers!

i prefer the way vaygr ships upgrade

the vaygr capital ships are not too hard to upgrade to the first levels

i noticed the vaygr destroyer is the more powerful one though, in concept that hole in the middle of it was meant to be a palsma cannon (like a single shot trinity cannnon i think), and hence the wierd shape; but no idea why they didn't have that in the final verison. maybe it's too powerful hehe :shock: :lol: :P

anyways, it's 4 missile tubes and 2 dual turrets make a good impression on most ships if it's armour lasts :D
but in general it's better to get the battlecruiser and/or laser corvettes if you're vaygr

agreed with aeris
hig dd is by far the more viable choice
i read somewhere 1v1 they will both die (just not at the same time :P)

greatest battlecruiser ever!

yea, i did that with battlecruisers and they both die

but the vaygr one launches missiles, hiigaran ions kill it while it fires it's trinity cannon :lol: then the missiles are left over and disappear

these 8 surplus missiles is the reason why the vaygr battelcruiser has a higher firepower rating

once i took on 3 hiigaran cruisers one at a time with a single vaygr one (destroyed 1, the other 2 hyperspaced away once in red health)
then hyperspaced away while under ion frigate attack :P

then killed a refinary and died, the end

the hiigaran battlecruisers had full upgrades
my vaygr battlecruiser had level 2 speed and level 1 armour

BEAT THAT FOR AN AMAZING KILL :P :P :P also it proves vaygr BC's hardly suck if kept in the hiigaran one's blind spots (straight above and below the ion turrets)

i like vaggy DD but...too easy to destroy with fregs

vaygr bc is my fav

vaygr ships are generally better but less flexible. vaygr BC is stronger head to head, but if you take down his engines, 2 DDs can kill it... and 1 hiig BC can take down 2 vaygr BC and survive if you take down its engines...

as on DD, normally if a hiig DD comes out it already has 1 or 2 upgrades while vaygr DD is usually unupgraded (in the start). So just like with anything vaygr is stronger in the long run...

minmatar one from EVE :P

Gem wrote:
minmatar one from EVE :P

I pwn your minmatar dd with my super battleship "Navy Apocalipse" :-D

lol..vivi, it's been a while.

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