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i`ll start to explain  about xp and vista OS`s first

like most players use XP OS  to play hw2 it`s just for the OS system use
DirectX 9.c and the physX 8.1 but what the important thing for HW2 is the DirectX

In HW2 they use Direcx 9.b that run the game  the 9.c vir can make unstable game and that happend in XP OS and vista that use DirectX 9.c and 10 ver

Windows 7

as a OS very fast very usefull and " light" then the vista on ur PC but u can`t run hw2 on it
Reason : it`s use as first option DirectX 10 Scound option DirectX9.c and that will be only if th physX can not support and HW2 only use 9b ver and that the head reason why HW2 can not work

on other games heavy then hw2 like Cod4,Cod5,graw3 part2 ,UnderCover,FIFA09 and all other new games run on itvery fast

it`s been installed on 3 different cumputers

deul core 2140 with 1GB 667mhz memorey , 7200 geforce
core 2 due 4600 with 3 GB 800mhz memmory , 8600 geforce
quad 9300 with 3 GB 800mhz , 9600 geforce

on all this Computters the Windows 7 work Great (for now)
Time of cheching of the OS 2 weeks

i`ll give more info about soon[/b]

I am using Direct X version 9.c with XP Professional.  My game is not unstable and if yours is try turning off some of the features on your vid card that the games does not support.

that`s right OJ and like i said in windows 7 first DirectX option is 10.0 and that why it`s not working up

but in windows xp it`s starting from DirectX 8.1 after that u can upgrade it to the version that u want , in WinXp start in 8.1 end 9c

I have Homeworld2 working fine on Windows 7 RC1 64 bit version.
Rootatoot  Wooooot  walk


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Hi again About Windows 7 RC

all know it`s the Upgrade of the windows 7 ver 7000 in special in in the 64 bit it`s more msart then any version it`s spourt windows XP programs(and games)
in that way it`s can run old and new program in the same way and in the same time

and today u can find the ofical ver of windows 7 in the PC stores.

I got HW2 working under Windows 7 SP1 64bit  cheers

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