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Would Ppl Post The Time, Days They Usually Play

nothing else just the times and days they usually play in gmt
that way we may bump into each other abit more if we know when the others are usually on

try stay on topic
1 post per person pls
if your circumstances change, just edit your post

thx everyone

Not very often odd weekend


i play usualy 5 hours before mik comes in lobby it means from 5pm till 10pm with breaks in british timeline

im generally on 24/7 but my conn has been dieing like mad lately so i havent managed to play a game completly through. BAH! When im in game it DIES! bleh damn spyware time to clean house again. :shock:

i get on when ever i can so theres a good chance ull catch me online....

me sleeps in the morning, awake the rest of the time

i'm on whenever the mood takes me :o normally an random time around 4pm to 4am :shock: and yes, i live on the GMT mark too. so an odd sleep-going time :shock:

It varies for me Mik

       GENESIS CLAN Forum Index -> General Discussion
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