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PostPosted: Tue Feb 06, 2007 6:31 am    Post subject: FX-Turani  Reply with quote

All FX-Turani Questions, Discussions, Descriptions Plz post here
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Joined: 01 Oct 2006
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 06, 2007 5:13 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Theirs quite a bit u can do with the Turanics. But they dont have mobiles so you will be limited on patches untill they put one into the game. Anways Their interceptor rocks! They got a heavy vette which is anti fighter, and a missle vette that is anti fighter and anti vette and anti frig with the Missle comb attack. ALso the missle comb will rape vettes! THey also have a salv vette that they can cloak to steal your ships so keep an eye out. As Gem pointed out his AZ fighters kick ass but they are suicide units. they got 20 armor points. ANd yes they can cloak but proxies will take care of that. After that they are dead.Now i really love the IAF's. IAF's=Ion Array Frigate. THis baby has a rapid fire ion cannon and it can cloak as well.very nice for sneaking around the enemy and back stabbing them. Their BCC's are deadly when upgraded but can be taken down easy with taiidan Hc's. Move while attacking and keeping them from firing. Their Missle crusier is a nasty piece of work. It fires 4 missles that split up into 8 each. Eats up armor like mad. Their Heavy Crusier right now is a take off of the Taiidan HC. WIth less firewpower. What can i say they are pirates so DUH!
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Joined: 29 May 2006
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 06, 2007 6:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote



Pirate, Punk, Assault, Nomad, Sudden strike, Backstab, Raid.

The style of turanic player should be much close to turanic concept line - find weakneess, Strike fast and deadly. Use backstab, cloak, long range fire and retreat to nowhere is possible.

The main unit and center of Turanic fleet is their Battle Carrier, You start game with 2 of them. Those carriers can contain much more than Pride of Hiagara and Vay Flagship strikecraft in bays and can be upgraded with mounted ion cannons, which after damage upgrade make Turani CC serious Battle Cap ship. They Can build all facilities and alot of facs allowed.
Turani have very strong and effective stikecraft which makes them almost best swarmers in game. Should i say that unit that make best damage is interceptor (Az).
Also some units from interceptor to frigate have self cloak ability after certain tech, + easy to build distortion probes which have giant scan range and removable + mobile cloak generators.
More one strength of turanics are their collectors. Relatively fast they can hang 600 ru onboard and have x10 armor than normal hiig col have, that makes them almost immune to strikecraft attacks on collecting operations.
Possibility to gain cash fast and buiold relatively fast gives them ability to double heavy caps in one time from 2 outposts.
They have no refeneries, so you can rely on ur ccs and outposts only, you can also go attack someone and just salvage him ehehehe - that will be more fitting to this race.
Hyperspace. Only units can allow to hype are ccs and outposts having hype module, so you always want to have at least cc in strikefleet, but if u lose one and you will you should to get intime and remove all facs .
Damn huge facs amount. To research and advance techs you need alot of different modules which unlock different technologies.
Also - you cant advance from figs to frigs - you need to have corv facility built first, so you forced always to start with swarm then advance to frigs.
As turani you one who want to attack and find weaknesses of enemy. You should be treacherous and quick and smart to get sudden/planned raid/attack strike done well.

Scout - mm awesome unit. It cant emp like vay and hiig scouts , and cant ping. But it can self cloak after tech done and its scan radius can be doubled by cheap tech. In result you getting x2 scan + cloaked scout, very fast than can scan and hunt probes for ya.
Interceptor - most effective asault craft in game. Have awsome hps and good speed and 7 units in squadron. I think its best intersceptor unit among all races (2nd is kadeshi one you can upgrade it to very very hi speed but still hps make difference :) )
Bomber - well same stuff with more hitpoints than usual.
Azrael Attacker - well well well. Most dangerous unit of turani lol. Semi-suicide-singlestrike cloak ability deliverer ov very nasty tactical torpedo (with damage upg you need 7 to kill kadesh mica ). After torpedo fired unit is useless (if it still survied- it have 20 hp) so you better give him order to recycle and make new ones. They asre not cheap but can be really deadly weapon. I advise to upg speed for them and hunt enemy proxies with scouts.
Heavy Corvette - Good anti fighter only unit, have flaks-like turrets and good only at killing strikecraft.
Missile Corvette - very important unit, kinda bit universal; corvette. After Mis combo upgrade it effective like pulsar against corvs and frigs and caps but much better with killing strikecraft. It also contain 1 unit so it would not lose effectivity till it die.
Salvage Corvette - "Thief",salvage corvette that can cloak himself. Nasty stuff.
Asault frig - basic anti fig and vette frigate.
Anti minefield vessel - lol still not used it , i know it have good antio missile point defences (can kill enemy torpedoes and missiles that marked as round)
Ion Array Frigate - "Dagger", awesome untit, good ion frigate , that can have selfcloak ability.
CC - best cc in game, "Lord", central unit of turanic force. It can contain alot of stike craft inside (16?) , Alot of modules, and after You have Cap fac on Outpost You can mount cannont on it, which is also upgradeable. I advice you to research spped for it 1st cause its firing ability depends of his position , It must be face-on-face with target to do main ion cannon damage.
Outpost - you can have 2 of those, they can build capital ships, you should get one asap.
Missile Cruiser - Not hi hp basic cruiser, but is very good tactical unit. Its avesome anti frigate wall too. It fires missiles one per some period and have very very long range radius. It relatively fat so with micromanaging it you even can kill dread (only in case you have gw moving with it) . With cloaks they nasty too cause the y shot once per period and rest time they staycloaked. The bast tactics with those not head to head combat but to shot and dissabear or dodge. Also missiles have redirecting ability.
HC - heavy cruiser - addition to turanic cap tonnage its almost same as taiidan one but with exeption taiidan can hype when he wants w.o any module and turanic cant do this.

will be continued.
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Joined: 02 Nov 2006
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 07, 2007 3:07 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Amen to that Gem ;)

New Turanic Ion Array Frigate
Turanic HC being created
New Turanic MSV

Now the best one......


Hwfx Forum: http://hwfx.divine-serenity.net/
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Joined: 07 Feb 2006
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 26, 2007 9:22 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

gem i will always remember watching you on my team as turanic and the impression you made with this missile cruisers... lol
looks like the New Fun race (cf. old fun race = vaygr :P)
gonna try some of this out thanks

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